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05/11/2012 - 05:14 PM
NRG’s Electric Car Charging Network Creating New Jobs in California

Torque News
David Herron

When California and NRG agreed to build new electric car charging infrastructure, it meant new jobs, new careers, and new job training programs, geared to training the workforce required to build and maintain infrastructure to support electric cars.

The recently announced deal to create a large electric car charging station network in California, also comes with job-training and job-creating provisions. The deal was first unveiled in late March when Gov. Jerry Brown’s office, the CPUC, and NRG announced having settled a long standing legal dispute by having NRG spend over $100 million to create electric car charging station infrastructure. Among the provisions added since the original announcement were for NRG to spend some money on job training programs, and to ensure the contractors hired to build the network were locally owned and that minority- and woman- owned businesses were well represented.

If we remember a few years back, the justification to embrace green technologies and green transportation was in part a jobs creation program. The theory stated that, adoption of green technologies would mean new jobs and new career paths, related to the installation and maintenance of the green technology infrastructure. Maybe that rhetoric was simply a political expediency of that moment in a time when so many people were losing their jobs. Remember that the Bush Administration saddled the Obama Administration with a horrendous economic mess and a narrowly avoided great depression. This deal with NRG to build the charging station network is an example of green technology adoption resulting in new jobs and new career paths that previously did not exist. And, it isn’t just NRG’s eVgo subsidiary that is creating these jobs, similar jobs exist with Ecotality, Coulomb Technologies, 350Green, the Car Charging Group, and other companies.

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